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Brand Identity

What is a Brand Identity, you might ask?  People have approached me saying “I need a logo”.  I might replay with “ No, you don’t – you need to define your brand”.  I WOULDN’T say that, of course, but I would explain a few things.  You ARE already a brand.  You have a service or product that is unique to YOU.  You just need tell people about it in a certain way.  That is a Brand Identity.

A Brand Identity is a combination of logo, words and design that conveys a consistent message to your audience.   You should already know what your message is, it’s just a matter of delivering that message in an effective way. 

I can't wait to tell your story!

Marketing Materials

What will work for you?  A brochure?  A series of rack cards?  What will convey your message best?  A great design on the right medium will take your marketing to the next level.  

  • Print Ads

  • Web ads / banners

  • Facebook Cover Images & Ads


  • Business Cards

  • Brochures / Flyers / Rack Cards

  • Postcards / Direct Mail

  • Signage & Banners

Whatever you can think up... I can handle it.  

Signage Concept & Execution

Where and how your signage is displayed is just as important as what it says.  I have extensive experience in signage layout and printing and have executed these important functions for companies such as the Gateway Clipper Café and nationwide for Dick's Sporting Goods.  Your space can be more attractive and functional with the right signage plan!


Do You Have Website Relationship Issues?  Are You Scared Of Your Website? Do You Want Control Of Your Website?  Do You Want A More Attractive Website?  I have met many business owners who have commissioned a website that they cannot maintain.  They have lost contact with the original designer, or the system is cumbersome and confusing. They can't make the changes they need to make!   Some just don't know where to start.  Does that sound like you?  Let me set you up!  

  • A beautiful website

  • Product pages, image galleries, blogs and more!

  • Easy control of editing content and images.

  • A personal tutoring session to learn the functions you need!

Print Procurement

Don't know where to start when it comes to producing a printed project?  I can help you decide the right format for your project and how it should be printed - and at the best value.  From a business card to the execution of a full scale signage concept... no project is too big or too small.  

I speak the unique language of "print" and have the resources and experience to get your project printed beautifully!  

Business Cards • Brochures & Flyers • Postcards/Direct Mail •  Signage & Banners

  • Whatever you can think up.... I can handle it.

Informal Photography & Image retouching

Let me make the difference between a good image and a GREAT image... and a great image can make all the difference.    


Did you know you don’t have to go it alone for powerpoint presentations?

Don’t settle for something boring when a custom template, well designed slide or a little animation can take your content to the next level!  

Take a look at what I did for FarmJenny - a tech startup presenting to potential investors >>>

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