Remote Support

Several Marketing Departments in the area have enlisted my services to enhance their current abilities. Some have overrun of work during a particular season and their designers need some help. Others don’t have enough work to justify paying a designer full time. Either way, they know I know their business and I can jump into the flow to get the job done.

Due to my 20 years experience marketing departments, I am used to being aware of a company’s needs, anticipating them, and executing them as expected. I can do the same for you.

Are you going it alone?

Is your business in the position of growing but not quite ready for a marketing department? Do you have the time, skills or patience to DIY your marketing materials anymore? Would you rather be doing what YOU do best? You do THAT. I’ll handle your marketing needs.

Do you have a Marketing Department?

Are you responsible for marketing your employer… but don’t have anyone to delegate responsibilities to? I can help.

Is Your Marketing Department large enough?

Do you have a seasonal rush of work that sends your department into a panic? Don’t hire a temp - let me be your go-to girl! You won’t have to start from zero getting someone up to speed if you have someone like me at the ready.

It’s just smart business.

I won’t add to your headcount. No extra desk or equipment needed. No W-2, insurance or social security worries. There’s no risk to you. I am with you as much as or as little as you need me. I occasionally work on-site with clients to get familiar with the ins-and-outs of the business, and then mostly work remotely - your magical helper that’s only a phone call away!



Let’s be clear….this is NOT my office.

In my actual office, I am surrounded by screens, hard drives, printers, chargers and just way too many wires. The thought of Feng Shui sends me into fits of laughter. Sorry Ms. Kondo, not everything in my office sparks joy, but is a vital part of my process. If you want to see a picture of my office, we need to get to know each other WAY better. So the ball’s in your court - get in touch!