Kind Words


"I wanted to pass on to you a belated thank you for all your great work on the booklet, images, slide decks, etc., leading up to the conference. Because of your quick and consistent work, we were able to deliver what we had promised – and more – to our Partner community. It was very well received."

- Elijah C.  - CMMI Institute

The door hangers worked very well to capture people’s attention for a few seconds so that we could tell them that we make wearable sensors for horses. Then many of them would stop to say “You have to tell me about this…” Some people took it, kept walking, then stopped in their tracks to read it in the middle of the aisleway at the next booth. Some would turn, look at us, show it to someone next to them, point at our booth, and some even turned around to come back after they initially dismissed us and kept walking. We had some people asking for extra door hangers for multiple horses. It was a VERY successful giveaway

Tammy C. - Farm Jenny


I love the visual layout/format… The Q/A format makes it easy to read/skim quickly.

- Tim F. - TrackAbout

We were tremendously happy with Karen’s work. She made our slides and banners for demo day and got compliments as having the best presentation!

- Collin W. Cassian Solutions


I love it!! It's absolutely perfect.  Has a totally different feel now

Thank you Karen.

- Jessica G. - TrackAbout


"Kathleen, I checked out your website and I love it!!  So pretty, easy to navigate. colorful, great pictures!  Just wanted to let you know!!"

- Linda W. 


"I love it so much I can't even tell you!  I have goosebumps right now!  This is awesome!"

- David B.  - the Capital Candy Jar


"It was a pleasure to work with Karen. She understood my needs and developed a website that reflected my business in a really nice way. She also worked with me so that I can be in control of my own site and I am able to update it as needed. I highly recommend her if you are a novice website user."

Beth C. - Wild Tansy Wellness, LLC  •

"You Rock!"


Joe C.  - Dick’s Sporting Goods, TrackAbout

Pam R. - First Insight

Ronda Z. - Acrobatique Creative

Suzanne K. - Gateway Clipper Fleet

Kathryn T. - CMMI

Stuart D. - Estat Actuation

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