Karen Captline

Sample of Clients

  • Gateway Clipper Fleet (everything but website and social media)

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods

  • CMMI Institute

  • TrackAbout

  • First Insight Marketing Analytics

  • The Capital Candy Jar

  • W-IN Women in the Network

  • Women's Business Network

  • North Allegheny Women's Association

  • Farm Jenny

  • DG Training Solutions

  • Sensational Surroundings Interior Design

  • LumiShield Technologies

  • J.D. Llama Appraisal & Estate Services

  • Inner Fire Coaching

  • Soul to Sole Massage and Wellness

  • Landon and Acosta

  • Navigating Wellness, LLC

  • Matt Scoletti


Hi! I'm Karen Captline, Graphic Designer/Storyteller

I have a fondness for reading, movies and musical theater.  Do you see the trend there?  All of that is about storytelling.  I love storytelling because I'm a storyteller.  

I'm good at math too, and here's a little equation for you:  Stories + Graphic Design = MARKETING.  

So combine my passion for design and my love of storytelling and it's obvious that I am well suited to creating visual marketing solutions.  It's not just pretty pictures, folks.  Graphic Design is art with a purpose.  It's art that compels its audience to take action.  It's art that plays with the mind

And that's why Informal Therapy is part of my process.  I love to listening to people's stories.  It is a skill I am proud of.  After getting into my clients' heads, I create designs that get into their target audience's heads!   It's a challenge I am passionate about. 

Quick information about your Graphic Designer:

  • Age:  This is the oldest I’ve been

  • Food Choices:  Getting better every day

  • Beverage Choices:  Caffeine & Alcohol-free

  • Personal Style:  Drama-Free

  • Best use of Creativity:  Design & Bad Jokes

  • Vice:  Musical Theater & Semi-Pro Shopping

  • Surprising Non-Design Expertise:  Niagara Falls

  • House:  Ravenclaw

  • First designs:  Drawings on the backs of my Dad's old accounting reports

  • Degrees Obtained:  Art Institute & Point Park University: Visual Arts & Design

  • Internship:  Station Square Entertainment Complex.  (Illustration & design freelance continued after the internship was completed)

  • First “Real” Job:  Gateway Clipper Fleet - Graphic Designer (Riverboat company: I didn’t work on dry land for 7 years!)

  • Next Up:  Dick’s Sporting Goods - Marketing Department (in various roles selling everything from Under Armour to deer pee for 12 years). Talents used: design, print production, project management, expert-level communication, and - most of all - patience.

  • After That: Creating my own job - I quit the corporate world and went freelance full-time. I hoped that working as hard for myself as I did for “the man” would work out.  

  • Now:  Living the dream providing businesses of all sizes with design excellence, a drama-free experience and as much fun as possible.   

Side Gig

I write a bit too.  It helps in what I do, obviously, but recently the universe conspired to make it a thing. This review of The Greatest Showman was in the first national publication of Inspiring Lives Magazine in Spring 2018.  The review of Dear Evan Hansen appeared in Fall 2018.

Coming Soon…Hamilton


Second Place
2015 Photo contest

"A Family Portrait"

"A Family Portrait"

I came in second, but they honored me by using my photo to highlight the photo contest area on their home page!

I came in second, but they honored me by using my photo to highlight the photo contest area on their home page!