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Ready for a little Informal Therapy?  

Everyone could benefit from a little therapy, right?  So when I say Informal therapy, it is the process by which I find the answers to your Graphic Design problems.  The solutions are all in your head and it's my job to get them out.  This is an enjoyable process where I get to know what you want.  More importantly, I find out what you need to accomplish.  They are not always the same thing.  I often give my clients insights and ideas about their business they hadn't considered. I can't help myself. In the end, Both of us come out of the therapy session with a clear vision on how to move forward.  

Hi! I'm Karen Captline, Graphic Designer/Storyteller

I have a fondness for reading, movies and musical theater.  Do you see the trend there?  All of that is about storytelling.  I love storytelling because I'm a storyteller.  

I'm good at math too, and here's a little equation for you:  Stories + Graphic Design = MARKETING.  

So combine my passion for design and my love of storytelling and it's obvious that I am well suited to creating visual marketing solutions.  It's not just pretty pictures, folks.  Graphic Design is art with a purpose.  It's art that compels its audience to take action.  It's art that plays with the mind

And that's why Informal Therapy is part of my process.  I love to listening to people's stories.  It is a skill I am proud of.  After getting into my clients' heads, I create designs that get into their target audience's heads!   It's a challenge I am passionate about. 

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Talent + Training + Tools + Time

Many try to DIY their marketing materials.  It can be frustrating if you don't have even one of these elements:  the talent, the training, the tools or the time.  Struggling along can consume time you should invest elsewhere.  Do yourself a favor and concentrate on what YOU do well... and partner with a creative professional to get the results you need.