Why Hire a Designer? 

Many try to DIY their marketing materials.  It can be frustrating if you don't have even one of these elements:  the talent; the training; the tools or the time.  Struggling along can consume time you should invest elsewhere.  Do yourself a favor and concentrate on what YOU do well... and partner with a creative professional to get the results you need.  

The Talent.

Designers go down that career path because they have a talent for it.  Something they were born with.  Kind of like you know whether you can sing or not.  If you haven't shown any interest or promise in design at this point... chances are you should leave your marketing materials in the hands of a professional.  

The Training.

You don't become a Designer unless you love it.  Graphic Designers immerse themselves in what they love to do.  They soak up color theory, dream about fonts and bleed ink.  I went to the Art Institute & Point Park University to get the skills I needed to pursue my passion.  Every day since then I have learned something new about my craft.  I put that knowledge and experience to work for my clients.  

The Tools.

Professional Graphic Designers use a creative suite of software to get the job done right.  (That does not include any software that starts with the word "Microsoft" by the way).  You go to a mechanic because he has the right tools to fix your car, right?  You go to a Graphic Designer for the same reason.  They have the tools to fix your branding, your website, your collateral... anything that is visually broken.  

Not only do designers know how give you a professional look - they know how to construct your materials for cost savings when they get to the printer.  The print industry has its own language and designers can speak it!

The Time.

Add up lack of talent, tools and training and it equals a lot of wasted time with disappointing results.  How much is your time worth?   Probably more than you'd pay a designer to do the job.   Use your valuable time communicating your thoughts to someone who knows how to bring ideas to life.  

Time to Talk.

Am I saying I have it all?   I guess I am.  I have invested thousands of hours of training and experience and thousands of dollars in equipment and software - so you don't have to.  So let's share some time to talk about what you want your marketing to do for you.  I have exceptional interviewing skills that will draw out the information I will use to help you.   Our partnership will create the professional results you need.  

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... and we'll have fun doing it!

Because I'm funny.  Really.  I'm the kind of girl who would tell the CEO of Dick's Sporting Goods that she'd "check with physics" to see if a gravity-defying project could be accomplished.  Yup.  That happened.  For the record... he laughed.  And in the end, I met the challenge. 

Now I'm now helping businesses of every size defy gravity with marketing materials they didn't think were within their scope - from a visual or budgetary standpoint. 

Fill out your information here and let's talk!  I hope we can have some fun together.