A New Side Gig!

So, the universe has conspired to give me a new side gig... writing!  The editor of Inspiring Lives Magazine gave me this opportunity for  which I will always be grateful. 

I am an advocate of not hiding quirks - they are what makes us who we are.  One of my quirks is my geekish love of Broadway Musicals.  I proudly proclaim it - sometimes heading down a conversational road others cannot follow. And like a Star Wars geek who finds himself faced with blank stares when speaking of Banthas... I taper off and bring things around to a more mainstream topic.  

But evidently my quirk leaves an impression -  and it was the impression I made on Cori Wamsley, whom I met while networking, that brought this opportunity my way.  So when she called to ask if I'd do a review of The Greatest Showman, I jumped at the chance - with a lump in my throat - reminding myself that if I'm not scared, I'm not growing. 

Writing helps me do what I do, but it usually comes in the form of editing or rewriting content given to me. Most graphic designers wouldn't do that, but if I see room for improvement that helps my clients, I offer my assistance. I think it's that aspect of my work that sets me apart.  After all, my business is not labeled as "graphic design", but as "creative services".  What is creativity but a way of expressing oneself no matter what the form?  

So, thanks to Cori, I was pushed to be creative in a new way.  One that was extremely challenging, exciting and rewarding.  The result is shown here.  Click on the image.  Give it a read.  If you haven't seen The Greatest Showman, rent or buy it.  If you have seen it - let me know if my review captures it!


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P.S.  When I wrote the review - as far as I knew - the magazine distribution was local to Pittsburgh.  After I turned it in, Cori informed me that it was going national with my issue.  I'm kind of glad I didn't know that.  Then I was excited that the odds that Hugh Jackman might read it had increased dramatically.  FYI - Hugh has not yet contacted me to tell me how insightful my review is and how it has changed his life - but I'll keep you posted. 


P.P.S. My review of Broadway's Dear Evan Hansen:  Coming in the Fall 2018 issue of Inspiring Lives Magazine available at Barnes and Noble stores nationwide starting October 1st  

Page 48:  Inspiring Lives Magazine - Spring Issue 2018