Why Blog??

As with so many things in life - why not?   I'm by no means an English major.  Then again, I've been a few things that I never thought I'd be.  So now I'm a blogger.  I hope to be informative and entertaining.  I've been known to crack people up from time to time - mostly with horrible puns.  I want to share how I'm growing and how excited I am about this venture.  In other words... cheap therapy.

I have thought of bloggers as self-indulgent people who think that every thought needs to be spouted to the world.  Let's get this clear - I am no one special.  I haven't overcome enormous odds to achieve anything.  I haven't travelled through 3 countries to discover myself - although I have Eaten, Prayed and Loved.  I don't own an inspiring animal that changed my life. I have not bought a villa under the Tuscan sun.  Although I HAVE, obviously, read some chick books and watched some chick flicks. 

If I WERE involved in making movies, I'd be an editor or casting director.  I would not be a movie star, but I would help others shine.  In real life, my clients are the stars and my work supports their goals.  Fonts, Images and logos are what I cast in a project and as an editor I put those elements together in a way that tells a story.  

So with BetterBe, I have to tell my story so you trust me with your story.  I hope you stick around as my story unfolds.