Dishware and Dance Shoes - a salute to creativity

I admire creativity in all its forms.  I think we admire most what we can't do ourselves.  I've twinkled a toe or two in my time, but music is a magical mystery to me.  Therefore, I have a deep love of music and dance. 

The chain of creativity I'm about to describe culminates in a tap-tastic YouTube video that just made me smile from ear to ear.  Literally JUST made me smile.  I am at my computer - saw a story about this video on my nearby TV and immediately started writing about it.  The most creative endeavors inspire creativity in others, right?

So, if you know the story of "Cups" - feel free to skip down to the tap-tastic video... 

Anna Kendrick in "Pitch Perfect"

Anna Kendrick in "Pitch Perfect"


In the movie "Pitch Perfect", a singer uses a cup as the percussive instrument for her a cappella audition song.  We now know this song as "Cups", but this song's journey begins in 1931 with The Carter Family who recorded a folk song called "Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?".  Over many years of re-recording and rewrites, the English Band "Lulu and the Lampshades" was the first to look at a cup and decide that it would be the perfect rhythmic accompaniment for this little song.  

This version became well known enough to have imitators...who had imitators.  Someone who saw one of these imitators was a successful actress named Anna Kendrick who decided to master the song herself.  Because as a successful actress she had nothing better to do.   I realize mastering something someone else has done is not creative - but stick with me....

This successful actress subsequently lands a role in the acca-awesome movie about collegiate a cappella competitions - "Pitch Perfect".  At the inception of production of the movie, "Cups" didn't exist.  I don't know how it came to be known that Anna had this little gem in her arsenal, but the creativity came back into the story when someone decided to work it into the movie.  Creativity requires bravery - which sometimes means being open to changing your original vision.  That change made this little folk song into something soulful, fascinating, fun and something people just can't stop listening to.  

WHICH BRINGS ME TO WHAT INSPIRED THIS POST.  Creativity inspires creativity right?  A broadway tapper decided to pair dishware and dance shoes.....


My next post will be ME doing this routine.  Ok, totally kidding.  I WOULD, but this is second in line behind mastering "Moses Supposes" from "Singing in the Rain".  If you don't know about that one - you're going to have to do the research yourselves, people. 

Anyway, this deceptively simple routine is so well executed, filmed and marketed for the people involved -  you've got to hand it to this group for creatively taking the "cups" phenomenon - and possibly their careers - to the next level.  

What about you?  Have you ever seen, heard or read anything so amazing it inspired you just had to act on it?