Photography & Photo Retouching

This was a photo shoot with First Insight.  They needed a photo of their CEO in front of the Keystone Summit building they were moving their headquarters into.  They also needed photos of just the building.  We were lucky that it didn't rain, but it didn't make for a pretty shot....but it's never an ugly day in photoshop!  You'll notice I also removed some distracting elements such as poles, lighting fixtures and the markers in the parking lot.  

Click here to see the article in the PITTSBURGH BUSINESS TIMES!

Photo Retouching

Before and after of the CEO shot.  You'll see the general brightening of the shot as well as some cleaning of some debris and cracks in the road he's standing on.  More disappearing lighting fixtures as well. 

Photo Retouching 

Townhouse interior photoshop photo merge/correction.  one over-exposed shot + one under-exposed shot = one correct shot.  I also  corrected the color and the blown out area on the table from the light I used to brighten up the back-lit room.  

Townhouse interior - Final


More Interiors

These were also touched up as needed.  Some more so than others.  


You'll see that I have a clean, well organized style that should suit your needs as well! 

Flyers and Ads

Web ads

I've done many of these types of ads for the web, pandora, etc.  Of course, any ad can become a web ad with the correct settings! 


Dick's Sporting Goods

The Grand opening Circular I mentioned plus some samples of Major League Baseball Pages.  

The Grand Opening circular I'm particularly proud of.  It's a first look at what Dick's Sporting Goods has to offer when a store opens in a new market.  The design held up and was used for 5 years... an eternity in retail!