Hello, Fellow Office Supply Nerd!

I use a notebook system called Circa (sold by Levenger.com) or Arc (sold at Staples).  I LOVE THE SYSTEM - but they didn't offer a calendar I liked.  So, guess what a graphic designer does when she can't find printed materials she likes?  She makes them!  So I'm going to share them with you!

• Open the pdf file you like below and save it to your desktop.

•  I prefer to print to a 65lb card stock (also available at staples, but any paper will do.

•  I have an Epson printer, but many printers have a "borderless" option meant for borderless printing of photos - but your printer won't know the difference.

• Punch your printouts for the notebook format of your choice.  

Sample of Circa or Arc Notebook System

Sample of Circa or Arc Notebook System

Like I said - I use the "Arc" system and you can get the paper punch at staples.  If you don't already have this system, then visit a Staples store or search "arc" at staples.com and affordable notebooks and accessories will appear.  If you're a 3-hole punch person, then this will work for you, too!

BetterBe Creative Calendar

This is my personal Calendar.  It's modeled after my branding.  I hope you like it, too. 

Classic Calendar

Elegant design with a classic font. 

Nouveau Calendar

Inspired by my favorite art style, Art Nouveau.  I love the crazy font for this.